Brand Values

Customer First – Always

We start businesses because we want to help people. Everything we do should be in the best interest of our customers. Wild Path Consulting builds marketing strategies that start and end with your customers’ needs. It’s our job to lead the customers down the right path, and to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Wholistic Strategies

Marketing is wasted if it never leaves the marketing department. The purpose of marketing is to help every department in your business reach their goals – from sales to customer service to product or service delivery. The goal is not to get more likes, shares, or opens – the goal is to convert strangers to delighted customers/family members. We create strategies that not only support all aspects of business, but include them in the planning process.

Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the wild spaces, public lands, and clean air and water are of utmost importance. We are dedicated to running an environmentally sustainable business and helping others do the same. We believe that when consumers discover they have a comparable choice, they will pick the green option. We want to help get those options out there. We support our environmental mission by:

  • Choosing green options for our business.
  • Pledging financial support to local and regional organizations who protect the planet.
  • Keeping you up to date on national and regional policies that affect our enjoyment of public lands and the health and safety of our air and water.
  • Pledging to do better and learn more so we can protect these wild places we love.