Field Notes

Clear Customer Communication

5 Tips for Clear Customer Communication

Are you speaking the same language as your customers? We're experts in our fields. We spend years and thousands of dollars perfecting our trades and building our authority. We know our sh*t, but often we lose the ability to have clear customer communication with those who desperately need us, but don't yet understand why. While … Continue reading 5 Tips for Clear Customer Communication

Getting over imposter syndrome

Getting Over Imposter Syndrome: The Number One Killer of Small Business Dreams

If you’re reading this, you and I probably share a dirty little secret that we don’t want anyone to know about. We both suffer from a sometimes crippling feeling that we’re not actually good at our jobs and everyone is going to find out. That feeling has a name - imposter syndrome - and it’s wrong. Getting over imposter syndrome isn’t easy, but understanding why we have it and recognizing that it doesn’t define us is the first step.