Marketing Audit

A deep-dive marketing audit is the first step in my work with most clients, and may be the single most important piece of your marketing strategy.

I use it to take my client’s bearings and pinpoint where they are in the market, and what they need to do next.

Marketing Audit and next steps

The marketing audit takes an objective, outside look at your business to help you get your bearings and understand what you need to do next to orient the business toward your long-term goals.

What you’ll learn

  • Exactly where you are in the market – so you can make informed strategic decisions.
  • Which tactics are resonating with your customers, which are not, and what you need to do next.
  • Where you can save money, and where to invest resources.
  • Which growth opportunities you should pursue and what it will take to move them forward.
  • Your next best steps to stop walking in circles and start reaching your customers.

How it works

During the audit I’ll conduct a deep-dive evaluation in to your current marketing tactics, customer analysis, and your place in the market so you can identify and prioritize your next big marketing investments. This includes:

  • In depth questionnaire and interview.
  • Tactic evaluation.
  • Interviews with staff/board/directors.
  • Customized market research.
  • New opportunity discovery.
  • An organized document you can take action on immediately.

We’ll uncover what’s working and what’s not, identify resources inside your company and how you can grow your capacity, and prioritize opportunity and efforts that will help you move forward with your business on a clear path.

Marketing Audit Package Includes:

  • 90-minute deep-dive session to pinpoint exactly where you are, and prioritize your next steps to orient you with your long term goals.
  • Market analysis to understand exactly where you fit in the market and uncover opportunities your competitors are missing.  
  • Analysis of your current and potential clients so you know exactly who to talk to, where to reach them, and what they need to hear.
  • Capacity evaluation and growth plan so you know where you can save time and prioritize projects to outsource so you can grow sustainably.
  • Evaluation of all marketing efforts to uncover what’s working and what is not.
  • Clear next steps for your business to grow.

Your Take Away:

  • A detailed takeaway evaluation so you know exactly what’s working, what needs improving, and what you can leave behind. You’ll also receive a prioritized list of next steps and strategies to pursue.

Your Commitment:

I consider myself an extension of my clients’ businesses. There is some work required for me to fully understand your business and your goals. Here is what will be required of your business.

  • Two to four hours to complete a deep-dive questionnaire prior to the first session.
  • 90 minutes for the deep-dive session.
  • Allowing me access to any survey results from the past year.
  • Allowing me to reach out to your clients and/or create a survey you deliver to your clients for evaluation.
  • Granting me access to your website, social media, and email analytics (this may involve granting me access to your platforms).
  • If applicable, allowing me to interview staff members who manage or produce marketing and communications material.

Time Frame:

  • Marketing audits generally take 2 – 4 weeks from the completion date of the initial questionnaire. 
  • Timely access to the above needs is important to keep to this timeline.


Interested in Learning More?

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