When you’re feeling stuck, unsure of your next move, or like you’re all alone with no idea of the next step – I’ll help guide you through it with my special brand of marketing coaching.

Marketing coaching is business coaching, but with a focus on marketing. How to find your right clients, creating messaging that resonates, and how to reach those people.

Why Hire a Marketing Coach

Accountability – Even when you know what to do, making time to get it done on your own can be tough. Coaching offers accountability and the knowledge that I have your back if something comes up.

The 4,000 ft View – When you own a business, you are in it every single day. It’s difficult to gain perspective. That’s my job – I’m here to bounce ideas off of, give you direction and help you down the path to your goals.

The Next Step – Do you ever wish someone would tell you what to do next? I don’t tell you what to do, but I help you figure out the next best steps to take in your business, and how to get them done.

Katie was always available and such a support during this process. I appreciated her down to earth approach that always included very helpful and insightful actions to put into use!

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Marketing Coaching With Style

I spent ten years as an outdoor guide, and I take that same approach when I’m working with coaching clients. I live by these principles:

  • Meet people where they are.
  • Give them the right tools.
  • Teach them the skills to build their own map so they feel empowered.

I’m right there with you in the trenches. Some sessions look like a planning session where we’re deciding what moves we want to make next. Some sessions we’ll be working on the computer learning your email software or playing with a web page.

I’m always there to edit, give suggestions, put another set of eyes on the document, and cheer you on.

Want to learn more about me? Check out my about page or schedule a time to talk!

I want you to feel empowered by your marketing and I want you to feel like someone is right there with you through it all.

Will Marketing Coaching Work for Me?

I would love to help you find clarity and purpose around marketing and your business. There are several different ways we can work together, from a one session brainstorm to an ongoing coaching relationship.

Each person is different, with different needs. The first step is to schedule a one-on-one conversation to determine your needs. You can schedule one easily here.

Get in Touch

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