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And Learn to Love Marketing

Yes, I know. Marketing makes you feel uncomfortable because you don’t like talking about yourself. If this is your current marketing mindset, putting yourself out there in an authentic way is going to be tough.

If you’re unsure and holding back when you’re talking about your business, your audience is going to have a hard time trusting you or believing you have the answer to their questions.

Changing your marketing mindset can help you gain confidence and actually have a little fun with your marketing endeavors. You started your business because you found a way to help people.

It’s your OBLIGATION to let them know there is a solution.

Change Your Marketing Mindset Step 1: It’s Not About You

This is going to give you a sigh of relief. You aren’t actually selling yourself, you are solving a problem.

So stop worrying about yourself and getting your point across. People buy things purely based on how the product or service will affect them. It’s that simple.

Change your approach from telling people about the features of your product or service and focus on the benefits. How will people feel when they work with you? How will your product make their lives better?

Change Your Marketing Mindset Step 2: Educate, Educate, Educate

You are a subject expert. You know how your industry works, you know what pitfalls and stumbling blocks hold people up, you know insider secrets that can really change people’s lives.

We always overlook the things that come to us easily. These specialties are exactly what we need to be putting out there because there are people who struggle with the subjects that come easily to us. Change your marketing mindset from selling to educating and you’ll soon feel comfortable.

Write what you know because someone out there is looking for that information. Focus your marketing on providing good information and helping people take a few steps forward. Think like a beginner and answer questions someone who is just learning about your industry or product wants to know.

Change Your Marketing Mindset Step 3: You’re Talking to a Real Person

When you start down the wormhole of marketing buzzwords – SEO, Like, Engagement, to name a few – you’re forgetting that this is all about people, or more specifically one person.

It’s easier to talk to one person than to get on stage and address multiple people right? Shift your marketing mindset to focus on one individual person. This is more than avatars and personas. Those aren’t even people.

This is about getting deep into the emotions and struggles that your audience is dealing with. It’s turning the focus from trying to get their attention to listening to what they really need.

This takes practice. I call it the 10% brain shift, but it’s key to making marketing more fun and more effective.

Change Your Marketing Mindset Step 4: You Are Worthy

You deserve to be here. You deserve money in exchange for your expertise or your product. There is no one else like you in this world with your knowledge and your insights. You deserve your slice of the pie.

Change your marketing mindset to believe in yourself the way your clients do and your message will move mountains.

Katie Smith – The Marketing Hat

Sometimes we say we hate marketing because we suffer from imposter syndrome or we feel like we don’t belong. You are worthy my friend. You belong right next to the people you look up to.

You have what someone desperately needs and the way you deliver it is the only way that will work for them. I’m telling you, it’s the truth. Change your marketing mindset to believe in yourself the way your clients do and your message will move mountains.

Changing your marketing mindset is hard work. I know it is because I still work hard to shift and remember these things. The truth is, you are a marketer and you are a damn good one. Don’t believe me, let’s talk about it. Because I love meeting people, I offer a FREE 30 – minute strategy session, that you can easily book. Let’s talk about what’s holding you back and get some actionable items in place to change that mareketing mindset.


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