Katie Smith Wild Path Consulting

Hi! I’m Katie Smith, Founder and CEO of Wild Path Consulting. I help businesses that care about the future of our planet and its people to craft compelling marketing strategies, build strong marketing teams, and remain flexible in how they position their products and services so they can….

  • Connect with consumers and make a lasting impact.
  • Promote their values with people who care about the same things.
  • Be a force for good in today’s struggling world. 

And I hope to inspire you to adventure – in business and in life.

From Outdoor Guide to Marketing Nerd

I started my working career as an outdoor guide, a teacher, and a problem solver.

  • Ski guiding taught me the power of navigation and reading the landscape.
  • Leading trail rides taught me to meet clients where they are, and how to listen to colleagues and customers.
  • Rock climbing taught me to focus on details while taking in the big picture.
  • Leading hikes taught me the importance of customer perceptions.

Guiding was my dream until I took a summer job helping a friend at her communications and PR firm to earn extra money before moving from New Hampshire to Montana…

There I learned that – business and communications are all about solving problems and connecting people who need each other. And so, I was in love.

10 years later – after diving headfirst into inbound marketing, customer journey exploration, earning a Masters degree in PR, and doing countless hours of strategy mapping for clients- I’m still guiding, but I’ve traded trail maps for strategy road maps and journeys into the wilderness for journeys into client relationships (well, not traded exactly because I still do all those things).

Today I help social impact driven businesses create tactical marketing strategies that build relationships with the right customers so you can grow your business on your terms.

I still use all the skills I learned in my 20s as a guide, combined with over a decade of experience creating and executing communications and marketing strategies for both for profit and nonprofit businesses across the country. 

Certified Credentials

I have a Masters Degree in Public Relations and am a perpetual student of marketing and communications – which is important for an industry that changes at lightning speed.

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies and Psychology (which I use everyday!).

My Philosophy

My philosophy is wholistic and customer first. This is where I start with all my clients. The power is in the hands of the consumer – and great communications plans begin and end with the best interest of the customer.

Marketing and sales cannot operate as silos. Your marketing department needs to be a tool readily accessible to every department – from sales to customer success and relations. Marketing has a hand in every customer interaction – from the first phone call to the purchase, to the last communication (which should ideally never happen).

But let’s not get too serious…

I’m still an avid adventurer and when I’m not working you can usually find me running, backpacking, hiking, riding or otherwise adventuring in the mountains. 

Now it’s your turn…

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

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