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Building TACTICAL MARKETING Programs from the GRound up.

I work with social impact focused businesses that want a customer-first, tactical approach to marketing strategy – one that allows them to build relationships on their terms and stay true to their values.

Build the Foundation.
Create the Growth Map.
Lead the Expedition.

Are You Ready For a real marketing strategy?

Katie has been profoundly helpful to our work and our organization as a whole. She delivers experience, professionalism, and support in an easily understood package.

  – Mike Smith, Outdoor Sport Institute

Does this sound familiar?

Your marketing team consists of one person or multiple people with other positions in the organization. There is too much to do, and it’s hard to prioritize what to do first. Everything seems urgent and you’re falling behind.

You don’t have a marketing plan that supports your ideal customers and constituents, organizational goals, or sales goals. You don’t know where to begin, and you don’t have time to figure it out.

Your ready to grow and the growing pains are iminent. Your organization needs help with this transition and a marketing strategy that can support these goals.

You’re ready to work hard and be uncomfortable – as long as you have support and clear direction.

It’s time to Stop Wandering in Circles and Start Building a Clear plan

How Can I help you?

Marketing Audit

Ready to understand exactly where you stand in the market, and what you need to create a competitive edge? The Marketing Audit is for you.

Understand which marketing tactics are working and which are losing you money. Discover your best opportunities and what to do next.

90 Day Marketing Strategy & Trail Map

The answer to “I wish someone would tell us what to do next.”

A custom marketing strategy aligned with your organizational goals and a step-by-step checklist to move your business forward.

Wild Path Consulting meets businesses exactly where they are, with a fresh perspective to find new opportunities and a plan to make it happen.

Ready to Gain Clarity? Schedule a free 20 minute call to learn more

I now feel I have direction as to where to focus my marketing efforts. Katie provided me with language and a vision of how to market my business that felt more natural to me and my personality.

Robin Kelley – Good Eye Editing

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